Throughout the years, we have received a great deal of positive feedback regarding THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER in the ways it has made the screening process more efficient. The following testimonial was sent to us in 2003 by a professional Screener with years of experience and accurately depicts the solutions our product is able to provide. The company who employs the Screener is still achieving the same positive results today. Personal details have been altered for privacy reasons.

Thank you for your time. My name is my name is D---------- and I work for a window company in M----------- state. We have your Screen Tables(5) now and I would just like to say how much easier they have made screening. Even those of us that were use to hand screening and didn’t want to change. Once they tried it for a while they said they never wanted to go back to hand screening. I think the tables are the greatest thing around. I’m so happy the company found them.

I received this email in 2003 and i am happy to say the company is still using their screen tables with the same great results.


Customer CommentsOur screen department was where we had our largest labor problems. Since we installed the articulating arms we now have employees requesting to work in the screen department. Not to overlook the fact that our productivity has improved over 30%.
Our biggest concern in using the Screen Center was the productivity loss while our operators got familiar with the new equipment. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they picked up on using the new equipment and were maintaining productivity within 2 days. Our employees noticed an immediate change in wrist and shoulder fatigue.
I was doubtful that we could maintain our productivity changing methods of making screens at the busiest time of the season. Two weeks later we had surpassed our best production numbers. And a great change in operator fatigue.
I can now make patio door screens within 1/32"
tolerance fiberglass or aluminum mesh.
When we have any screening issues we call Screen Center Sales first and get immediate resolve.
After 8 years our screen centers just keep on performing. Our employees love them.
I tried expensive CNC equipment local machine shops. Finally we found The Complete Screen Center. We now have resolved all our screening issues.
We had certain expectations of the Screen Center and it exceeded all of our expectations. Particularly in the area of operator fatigue and operator training.
We were dependent on one screen operator for our screen production. When vacations or illness came we were in a difficult situation. The Screen Center changed that so we were able to cross train other employees in screen making.
As we only make screens for large patio door sizes we were concerned that any piece of equipment would do the job. The Screen Center did the task quite easily and our employees constantly remark at the absence of wrist and shoulder fatigue.
We just made a tough highly skilled job easy for a layman.
We are averaging 320 custom size screens per shift per screen center.
We switched from screening by hand to the screen centers and our screeners are delighted.
We had a custom job using stainless steel mesh.
With the Complete Screen Center we completed ahead of schedule and no call backs.
We use solar screen, fiberglass screen, pet screen
and plastic film in our screen frames. Our set up times were disastrous. We have eliminated the set-ups with the Complete Screen Center and increased our productivity.

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