thinkerQ How many screens can I make in a day (one shift) all custom sizes?
A Our customers are telling us that the range is between 180 & 320 as the size mix varies

Q How many screens can I make in a day (one shift) all standard sizes?

A If you are getting repetitive sizes in reasonable quantities are customers are telling us that 350 to 650 per shift is achievable.

Q What would be a reasonable time frame to train a new screener on THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER?
A Training a new screener to make good quality screens would take 2 to 4 hours and to get their efficiency to an acceptable level 3 to 5 days.

Q What would the set up time be to change to different screen bars?

A Worst case scenario, to change insertion wheel and adjust squaring fence it would take 2-3 minutes.

Q Can I use THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER to make round windows or ½ round or other shapes?
A Yes THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER makes rounds or shapes with no difficulty.

Q Can I roll solar cloth or aluminum mesh
A Yes you can roll solar screen, pet screen, aluminum mesh or stainless steel mess

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