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THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER is the perfect solution for window manufacturers and glass shops that want to increase their productivity and minimize fatigue in the workplace.

We have sold to customers in just about every state in the USA and every province in Canada, as well as many countries around the world. We've sold to Australia, Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands.

We invented the Screen Center and have been marketing it for 20 years. We have the knowledge to solve your screening issues, and are well equipped to analyze the problem and make recommendations.

The Screen Center is extremely versatile having the capability to roll in 1/2 round - round - elliptical - and most other shapes.
The Screen Center can also roll all of the screen meshes fiberglass - pet screen - aluminum - stainless steel - solar screen - clear screen - clear PVC

To support our existing screen center owners we stock all consumable parts for next day shipping, as well as all replacement parts you may require.


George Fleming has over 30 years experience in the window and door industry. His background as a tool & die
maker was a large asset in his career particularly in the manufacturing area.

As the chief operating officer he was instrumental in building one of the largest window and door companies in North America. With this vast experience in the window and door industry he decided to start a company that looked at some of the voids in the manufacturing process. He then assembled a team of experienced window and door engineers and manufacturing personnel, to pursue this goal. We then hired an ergonomist specialist to review the finished SCREEN CENTER and review the final product and make the  appropriate modifications.                                                                                                                                      

After a great deal of collaboration, the project of THE COMPLETE SCREEN CENTER was underway.

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